Make each unit of your energy count
Automate your legal writing and make your practice energy-efficient
What we do
We develop digital solutions that automate repetitive tasks associated with legal writing in international law and dispute resolution.
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    Our goal
    We strive to achieve a dramatic reduction of labor and energy dedicated to repetitive clerical and legal writing tasks in intentional law and dispute resolution.
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    Our service
    We serve to nurture a balanced and creative lawyer, reduce the cost of international dispute resolution, and contribute to a more accessible justice.
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    Our mission
    We are on a mission to extract a robot out of the lawyer.
  • Empathy
    We listen to our clients, our instincts, and each other to develop products attuned to our clients' needs and the path we have chosen for One Joule.
  • Agility
    We are a small and agile team of professionals who value efficiency, autonomy, and ingenuity.
  • Growth
    Our growth mindset is deeply ingrained in the culture of One Joule.
ex.CITE is an automatic citation tool built into Word. It reduces hundreds of hours lawyers and paralegals spend on identifying, formatting, and organizing legal citations and tables of legal authorities in international dispute resolution pleadings.
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