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Try ex.CITE for free until the end of 2021

Press-release: Wednesday, March 1, 2021

One Joule has made its flagship plugin ex.CITE available for free until the end of 2021. Anyone may now create a free One Joule account, download ex.CITE and use the plugin until 31 December 2021 free of charge.

ex.CITE is a Word plugin that automates legal citation in international dispute resolution pleadings and publications.

One Joule created ex.CITE in cooperation with Jus Mundi, a Paris-based legal tech platform for international law and arbitration research and due diligence. ex.CITE is conveniently interconnected with Jus Mundi’s most comprehensive database of international law and arbitration sources.

What can you do with ex.CITE?

·    Easily insert, edit or delete your perfectly formatted legal citations and hyperlinks.

·    Generate lists of legal authorities with just a click of a button.

·    Quickly populate reference numbers throughout your document.

·    Search for legal references at Jus Mundi without leaving your Word document.

·    Check your legal citations for consistency.

To learn more about ex.CITE, please visit the Tutorials page.

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One Joule is currently collecting feedback from its customers and users of ex.CITE at Please send your feedback at the indicated email address. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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